Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Make Awesome Knuckle Tattoo Gloves

I have been feeling a bit crafty recently and decided to try on something new. I saw a DIY for embroidery knuckle tattoo gloves and decided to give it a go. 
DIY embroidery knuckle tattoo gloves
I bought some really cute tech knit gloves (the ones that let you use your smart phone while you are wearing them) and set to embroidering on cute/fun knuckle tattoos. I spent an entire evening trying to make this work and became quite frustrated. I used chalk to outline the letters, so I didn't have to wear them while I was embroidering. However, I had a hard time sewing the embroidery in to begin with, as the knots needed to be on the inside and it is hard to sew on the fingers and still see what you are doing on the outside. Then the damn knots kept pulling through the knit. I am sure there is a way to make this work better, but I think I picked the wrong glove type (the knit was too loose). 
However, I was unwilling to give up (I had bought like 10 pairs of those damn gloves). So I decided puffy paint was the answer! I grabbed some of my paint and went to work.
I didn't bother chalking the letters this time (but you could), as I would be wearing them as I put the lettering on and was confident I could get it right.
DIY knuckle tattoo gloves
It took some careful line work and few times of using a toothpick to straighten the paint or make the holes in letters bigger. Occasionally I had to quickly/carefully wipe the paint off and start over. 
The next step was carefully taking the gloves off without messing up the paint. I sucked this up a few times, but was always able to fix it. The real tip here it to go slow, pull from the finger tips, and try not to let anything touch anything else.
DIY knuckle tattoo gloves
Once the gloves were off, I made sure to look at the lettering. Could I still read it easily? If not, I touched it up right then. I occasionally had to put the gloves back on to do this, but that was always a last resort. 
After I was happy with the way they looked, it was just a matter of letting them dry and then they were done!
DIY knuckle tattoo gloves
Honestly, the absolute hardest part was coming up with what I wanted to put on the gloves. I had certain people in mind for them, so I wanted them to capture something special about that person. I spent a lot of time online looking up knuckle tattoo ideas.
DIY knuckle tattoo gloves
Overall, I really like how these turned out and I am excited to give them out for Christmas!

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