Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween was, yet again, pretty fabulous this year. I was particularly excited due to Mark’s AMAZING Axe Bass creation for my ‘Marceline the Vampire Queen’ costume. He worked very hard on it and it turned out perfectly! I bet we could sell it for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, or at least a hundred.
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Finished
He did not have the time to make his own electric Halberd Guitar for his ‘Marshall Lee the Vampire King’ costume. Which saddened me greatly. However, he did say he would make it in the future. This may be the first step to an awesome new hobby!
Overall, I think we found very good replica outfits for our costumes and I was quite pleased.
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marshall Lee the Vampire King
Marshall Lee and Marceline Cosplay
The rest of our Halloween group were also super creative in their selections. Here are my favorite shots:
of Fire and Ice Cosplay
How I met your Mother Cosplay
Steampunk cosplay
Audry and Old Man
Group Shot

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bridesmaid's Dresses

An amazing thing happened the other day: 6 women agreed on 1 dress that they all liked. I never, in my life, thought that would happen.
When I met up with my bridesmaids to pick out bridesmaids dresses for the wedding, I anticipated they would all want to wear different styles. I had a few caveats: knee length and all the same color of teal. This did narrow down the dress selection, but I wasn’t too worried.
The girls were a flurry of picking out dresses and trying them on. However, it didn’t really seem like we were getting anywhere. It was suggested, by a wise friend, that I be more specific on the dresses. I was hesitant to do this, as I wanted everyone to feel special in their dress and I didn’t think I would be able to define that for them. However, it also didn’t seem like we were getting anywhere. After speaking with the lady helping us (Thanks Be Ella Bridal!), I narrowed down the dress selection to a particular brand and fabric type. I was worried this would mean we wouldn’t please everyone or end up finding any dresses that day.
I was completely shocked and relived when the opposite almost immediately happened. With a smaller selection to try from, the girls seemed more able to pick dresses they really felt good in. I was completely ok with everyone wearing their own style of dress, as long as they liked it and it met my few stipulations. However, Sarah (MOH) came across a long dress that everyone tried on and amazingly liked. With assurances that they would cut the dress to knee length for free and it came in teal, we were set! Who knew that it could be so easy?
I am ecstatic that everyone seems to like their dress and I really like it too! I kinda want one of my own.
Everyone was SO EXCITED (can't you tell) to show me how they looked on (pre-alterations):