Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holy Hell 30 Already

Thirty…for women, that is a somewhat dirty word. A woman is told that they are no longer young once they are 30+. Which is not something women look forward to; as they are told their entire life that being young, thin, and beautiful means you have great value.
Maybe now I will feel less pressure to BE young, thin, and beautiful all the time. After all, now I am old! YAY!
But you know what? I feel exactly the same. I look exactly the same. I am exactly the same.
On a lighter note, I had a phenomenal 30th birthday. I spent the day *celebrating* with close friends, by getting dolled up for our Pin-Up Party (more on that when I get the photos back) and having a great time. The atmosphere was light, the food (OMG Cortney's cupcakes!!!) was delish, and my friends were AMAZING.
Pin-Up Party silliness
Then we headed out to a large dinner gathering at Claddaghs; where we continued *celebrating*. The food was great and I loved catching up with people I don’t get to see enough. Several people decided to come back to the house to continue catching up, *celebrating*, and partaking in Karaoke! Which is when I found the balloons my parents secretly left for me, knowing I would love them.
Birthday balloons
I have the most amazing family and friends.
I should have had someone take pictures of everything; but I was trying to be in the moment (as Mark is constantly reminding me to live in the moment, not outside it as the photographer). So I really don’t have many photos, which does bum me out a lot. As pictures, for whatever reason, mean a lot to me. I am very glad that I experienced the day; however, please send me the pictures you took!!


Here are some of my favorite pictures that were taken back at the house (thanks Mike & Rach!):
faux pin-up
faux pin-up
faux pin-up
faux pin-up

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