Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween was, yet again, pretty fabulous this year. I was particularly excited due to Mark’s AMAZING Axe Bass creation for my ‘Marceline the Vampire Queen’ costume. He worked very hard on it and it turned out perfectly! I bet we could sell it for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, or at least a hundred.
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Creation
Marceline Axe Bass Finished
He did not have the time to make his own electric Halberd Guitar for his ‘Marshall Lee the Vampire King’ costume. Which saddened me greatly. However, he did say he would make it in the future. This may be the first step to an awesome new hobby!
Overall, I think we found very good replica outfits for our costumes and I was quite pleased.
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marshall Lee the Vampire King
Marshall Lee and Marceline Cosplay
The rest of our Halloween group were also super creative in their selections. Here are my favorite shots:
of Fire and Ice Cosplay
How I met your Mother Cosplay
Steampunk cosplay
Audry and Old Man
Group Shot

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