Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding Save the Dates

Mark played a huge role in designing our Save the Dates. He wanted it to “accurately” portray what led up to his decision to propose to me and represent what he felt the wedding would be like (obviously, a lot of tongue and cheek is being used here). His inspiration came from feeling that I won the first round of our life match (He proposed) and that the second round would be at the wedding. Guests will have to attend to see who wins that match! Maybe parenthood is the final round? Personally, I am putting my money on me!
Mark worked with his talented friend (Jeff Manley) to create the art for the front. Manley drew and Mark colored.
Mark asked me to create something that was reminiscent of an “old school boxing match poster” for the back.
I love how they turned out! They are very ‘us’ and a lot of fun. I am so glad that we are mixing traditional and very personal elements within every aspect of our wedding.

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