Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Meeting

Serendipity. Happenstance. Fate. Luck. Whatever you want to call it, something or someone, was working for us on February 12, 2006. Both Mark and my father's invited us to a free lunch at Claddagh’s, the one thing neither of us had ever turned down.  We both showed up, wearing what they had found on the floor that morning, expecting nothing more than a free meal; neither of us expecting that we would be meeting the person we would be spending the rest of their lives with.
I was living in East Lansing at the time and was finishing my junior year of college at Michigan State University. Mark had recently moved to the area, in hopes of returning to school and starting a new chapter in his life.
The first thing I noticed was his smile and quick wit. Even looking like a hobo, he seemed at ease with himself and able to put others at ease as well. I kept hoping he would ask for my number (Mark said he regretted not asking).
I spent the next few months pestering my father to get Mark’s number and staking out Claddagh’s in hopes of a second meeting. Needless to say, neither pursuit panned out. Just when I was giving up hope, Mark emailed me. He had looked me up on MSU’s webpage and said he was hoping to make friends in the area. I contacted him immediately and set up a time to meet.
When we met at Harper’s, I had one thing on my mind. While he was focused on gaining new friends, I knew that Mark was somebody worth pursuing a relationship with. Using my best subtly, flirting, and feminine wiles, I attempted to seduce Mark and ensure a deeper relationship than friendship.
At the end of the night, it came to a coin toss. Again, maybe it was fate, maybe it was meant to be, maybe it was just plain luck, but the coin came up tails. I won. In the end, I like to think, so did Mark.

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