Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gown Shopping

Today I went wedding gown shopping with Sarah and Mark. The intention was to try on the gown I was obsessed with (as it was on sale) and realize that it was not the dress for me. So I could move on and go real gown shopping with my mom and friends later. However, that is not what happened.
Everything lined up and I ended up leaving with the gown of my dreams. I have been obsessed with this gown for months. I found a picture on Pinterest that led to nowhere. I had no idea who made the gown, where I could find it, or what it looked like below the waist. I searched several times for it, with no luck, and had given up on finding it.
I decided to look for it again, after Mark proposed, and found it on the first search. There was only one boutique in Michigan that was selling it and they only had one gown left. The sample. They said they were having a sample sale that weekend. The weekend my mom was in Chicago.
The gown was way out of my budget and I doubted the one size they had (the sample size) would fit. So I decided to try it on and get it out of my mind. I also tried on several other dresses, to get perspective. Here are the losers:
When I tried on my dream gown, it fit perfectly. There wouldn't need to be any alterations (as long as my weight/size stayed the same), I could get married in it the next day if I wanted to. However, it was still too expensive, even with the sample sale. After several negotiations and almost leaving, the boutique offered it to me at cost!
The gown was still more than I wanted to spend, but I didn't feel like I would ever find a gown I loved more. I ended up leaving with my wedding gown and a slightly hurt mom (who would have liked to be there).

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