Saturday, November 16, 2013


Leah and I got our hair permed this weekend. Now some may say, "Cristen, why would you perm your hair? It's already very curly". Well, my response would be, "My hair has been very dry from styling, diffusing, and swimming recently. It needs a break. A perm will allow my hair to still look curly when it just air dries (with some product in it). This will let my hair repair itself".
We got our hair permed at the East Lansing Douglas J Institute. I have been going here for all my hair needs since I arrived for school in 2002. I love that I meet someone new and interesting every time, get massages, and always have a good time.
The perming process took hours and hours. Between the curling rods, rinsing, chemicals, and general chit-chat, we were there from like noon to 5pm. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast. I just didn't anticipate it taking SO LONG.
Leah decided to go with a larger curl and a variety of smaller curls.
Leah Perming
I decided to go with curls that were as similar as possible to my natural look. I was surprised how long my hair has gotten. Always a shock, since I am used to it curled up.
Cristen Perming
In general, we were pretty pleased with the outcome. I of course, forgot to take a picture of that most important part. Sorry!

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