Friday, July 5, 2013

More Stuffed Monsters!

Recently I have been very enthralled with the idea of making stuffed animals. I have no idea why; but, it's a lot of fun! So when I found out a close friend's family was looking for auction items for their Fragile X Fundraiser and Awareness Event, I wanted to donate something to help show my support. Particularly, since I will be out of town during the event.
This led to some serious consideration. I am not particularly comfortable with my level of skill in anything to feel like it's worth someone else paying for it and I didn't want to donate something that wouldn't sell (that would be depressing in so many ways). After a lot of thought, I decided that I would just do what I could and hope for the best. The worst that could happen was a blow to my ego.
After looking at the materials I had on hand, I decided to go simplistic with my monster designs. I wanted to make sure they weren't too scary or weird for kids; but, still were fun and unique. I am actually pretty happy with how they turned out.
I really hope that they find good homes! I had a hard time letting go of them. Like I was abandoning them. How silly.

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