Sunday, February 10, 2013


This last week Mark and I visited his Grandma at her condo in Hutchinson Beach, Florida. We had a great time! Even though we try to do this yearly, it never gets old and we always have fun. Particularly it’s nice to get some 1:1 time with his Grandma. We are very fortunate to have her be in our lives. They best part of Hutchinson Beach is that we are right on the ocean and everyone living at the Islandia condos are super nice.
We always spend at least one night searching for crabs and other animals on the beach. We lucked out and the tide was way out the night we chose.
Last year the beach was absolutely covered in jellyfish; which were both beautiful and painful. We were lucky enough to avoid stepping on any of them.
This year we found the remains of a wild boar. The scuttlebutt was that he appeared on the beach days prior and died of natural causes. The waves dragged him out to sea and then, days later, re-deposited him on the beach. A morbid, sad, and interesting sight to find on a morning walk.
Each year we try to visit someplace fun in the area and get a lot of sun (since February in Michigan is so dreary!). We went to the Oceanic Center this year. A few years ago, we visited and I was too scared to feed the sting rays. So this year I knew I had to man-up and stick my fingers in a sting ray’s mouth. I am proud to say, I actually did and I LOVED it! Additionally, we felt up some other sea creatures.
It was very hard to leave the wonderful weather and company in Florida. Particularly, to return to freezing dreary weather in Michigan. 

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