Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting with a Twist

Yesterday I went with friends to Painting with a Twist. It was a special painting event where they drew a picture of your animal (that you submitted) and you spent 3 hours painting it with their guidance and supplies.
Everyone in my family is an artist of some sort, so I have been around painting the majority of my life. Due to this, I did not need a lot of instruction; but I appreciated that they drew the picture of Sir Max (made by Mark), as I would have obsessed over getting that perfect and would have been stressed out. However, I did note that they were very available and helpful to the other people in the class who wanted assistance.
I spent the three hours working diligently to recreate my version of Sir Max. This was a lot of fun and the time flew by. Van Gogh is my favorite artist, I love how much texture his painting have. I am a very tactile person and want to experience art with all of my senses.  Van Gough’s paintings desperately make me want to run my fingers all over them, experiencing every nook and cranny of his masterpieces (as this is frowned upon in most societies, I have bought oil paint reproductions that help simulate the experience). I was definitely thinking about that as I globed paint on to my canvas.
The only downside of the class was that several people were not able to finish their paintings in the time allotted and some of the assistance given was not always great, depending on which instructor you got. They offered free class time (once a month on a designated day/time) to those who did not finish. However, I know I would have been very frustrated if I had not finished that day or felt that the instructor had not helped me in the way I needed. I did notice a few people leaving less than satisfied.
Overall, I had a lot of fun and would do this again. I love painting and having the opportunity to do it with friends. However, if we started to do this more frequently, I would consider buying the supplies and doing this with friends at home (for a much reduced price and as much time as needed). The only downside to that would be the lack of instructors and having to clean up after. 

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