Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Say Hel-lo

This week Mark and I made a big decision in our life. We decided to adopt another dog. Our dog, Baldr, receives and requires a lot of attention, time, and love. However, he still sometimes seems lonely and morose. Since we could not devote anymore of our resources to him, we decided that he would be happier if he had another dog companion.
After discussing whether this was a good fit for our home, I decided that we could fit another dog into our life. Mark was less enthusiastic. He just is not a dog person. However, he was the one who suggested we pet puppies during my lunch break. It seemed obvious where that would lead…
I first fell in love with a beautiful 4 year old black Shepherd mix named Levi. HE seemed like the perfect fit and was very sweet. When we brought Baldr to meet him, the most unfortunately funny exchanged occurred. They spent 45 minutes trying to molest each other and neither was being very receptive to stopping. As much as we loved the idea of getting Levi, it did not seem like he would integrate into our home very easily. After promises that they found all of their dogs homes, we talked of leaving.
Before we left it was suggested we meet Sassy, a small 3 year old black Lab mix. I swore I would not fall in love and we would leave right after. I was wrong. Sassy and Baldr hit it off pretty quickly. She was painfully shy around humans, but she really lit up around Baldr. After discussing her past (stray with a heart murmur), we decided to risk it and take her home with us.
Hel (what Mark named Sassy) has only been home with us for a few days and she is already becoming more confident, happy, and secure. She is still skittish and it will take time for her to overcome this, but she is already approaching us more frequently and confidently.
We are hoping that Hel will become more playful and interactive with Baldr as she becomes more secure. Baldr and Hel roam the house together and seem to enjoy each other’s company. Baldr occasionally gets to wild for Hel, but she is adapting.
Here’s hoping Mark forgives me.

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