Saturday, December 15, 2012

Say Cheese

Pictures are a huge thing in my life. I take a bazillion pictures every year. Enough pictures that I wear through a nice point and shoot every year. This is a relatively new obsession of mine. Relative, as in the last ten years. So why do I love it so much?
Honestly, because now I have relationships and memories worth keeping. Memories I want to make sure I never forget. Pictures really help me with that. It is my way of making sure what and whom I love can never be lost.
The only downside to being the one who is taking the pictures (and I will admit sometimes I am too focused on this), is that you rarely get to be in them. I would like to be in more pictures, more a part of my own memories and moments. Maybe it is time to put the camera away and live in the moment. ALTERNATIVELY, maybe people could just take more pictures of me, so that I feel like they really want me to be a part of their memories. 
(That was not pathetic at all. I promise.)

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