Saturday, December 1, 2012

Running Sucks

Running for pleasure may be the most moronic thing I have ever heard. That is right up there with saying you like paying taxes. I just don't believe you. You do not like running. You are lying to yourself and me. 
That being said, I reluctantly jog/run/walk. Very reluctantly and only because it is such an effective exercise. If I was naturally thin, you would never see me run for any reason other than out of terror (aka the only reason to run). 
Several of my friends are 'runners' (those damn people who insist they enjoy running and do it for reasons other than exercise). They insist that they get something called a 'runners high' (aka the huge lie runners use to try to convince others to join their evil cult). I have yet to ever experience this high. Now, I am willing to concede that this could be due to my hatred of running and my inability to run for further than a mile at a time. I hear that you need to surpass 4 miles to achieve this high. Sense I can think of no reason I would ever need to run further than 4 miles, I will most likely never discover this mythical 'runners high' (that and it doesn't exist). 
Now all of this being said, I will continue to attempt running (more like run a mile, walk a lap, run a lap, walk a lap, run a lap..and so on), entirely because it is a fabulous way to lose or maintain your weight. Particularly, if you enjoy eating (if only I could get rid of that nasty habit). But I maintain that I hate it and it sucks. 

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