Monday, November 26, 2012


Every year Mark and I take on a huge NYE project. Since we throw an annual NYE party, we like to make our home and event extra special. In the years past, this has included cleaning up the basement into an entertainment area, buying 'Rock Band', building a bar, setting up the sunroom as an entertainment area, buying 'Just Dance', and coming up with unique drinks. 
Over the last 2 years, Mark and I took on the HUGE project of renovating our basement to be an even more awesome entertainment area. We've knocked walls down, tore up carpet, and rebuilt. However, this project has taken much longer than the anticipated timeline. Our hopes are we will finally complete it in time for this NYE. 
I am not sure we will be able to meet this deadline. We still have so much work to do. Worse, we seem to not be as motivated as needed. We have been working on this project for so long, but it has not been the only project that has required our time and energy. I am not sure we have the energy left to bust this out in time for NYE.
Worst case scenario, this means another NYE sans the basement area. Last year was still a lot of fun without it. However, I am a firm believer that it only takes a few OK parties to make people start to look elsewhere for their entertainment. Which means we can never lose our edge. I am not sure that the basement area is that edge, or not, but it is certainly more set up for parties than the rest of our house. 

Maybe I am over thinking this.


  1. You are definitely over thinking it. Not only are your parties always awesome and fun but people want to be with YOU more than what your house is like. But you know that.

    1. Super love you. I am excited for our date on Friday :)